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Lucas X. Black has entertained his fans with a variety of tales, and now presents four more stories for your reading pleasure.


One couple Wesley and Peggy, wish to mark her enslavement with a lashing that scars her for life, among fresh family drama.


Another girl has stalked her neighbor, and gets the courage together to offer her surrender to his surprise.


A barista gets a crush on a woman who is another man’s slave, but begs entry.


In the final tale, a woman, who has been a terrible wife, offers her surrender to her husband after she’s used all his patience, resulting in separation. How do these tales progress? Read and see

Josiah's Love and Justice

"Dark and Erotic to the Max.... This book captivated me like no other".

Aundrea M.


"Step to the side Christian lets show you a real man!"


Josiah's Love and Justice
Volume IV: Bound in Love

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